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Dusty Roads debut album 'Steel Working' Digital File (.mp3 format).  This album, which has taken the Atlanta Americana band over 2 years to record and mix, features their individual and collaborative virtuosity up front and center.  'Steel Working is the penacle of our love for soulfully arranged acoustic music, with a nod to our Southern heratige, yet all ears focused on our harmonious visions of the future and what is to come' says John Mickelson, Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist for the band.  Steeped thoroughly in bluegrass tradition, Dusty Roads humbly pays homage to their forefathers Bill Monroe, Lester Flatt, Tony Rice, and so many more.  However, they also relish in the possibility of the new... new sounds, new approaches, new arrangments as on the the track 'A Desynsion' where Jared Lanham gives up his mandolin for the Indian tabla drums.  He joins John Mickelson on alternately tuned guitar for a duet that harkens a sort of lulaby raga.  It is in these moments that Dusty Roads walks through the door of awakened possiblilty to search for a deeper understanding of themselves, their music, and how to connect with their fans in a meaningful way through sound.  Now available for digital download!

Dusty Roads Album 'Steel Working' Digital Download (MP3)

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